Class of 2020: 91.99% Have Got Jobs or Enrolled to Further Education


By December 25, 2020, almost everyone of the class of 2020 have got at least one offer, according to the universitys annual graduate employment report.


To help with their job hunting, HDU has taken every opportunity to introduce and endorse its graduates to employers, and despite the COVID 19 pandemic, has held multiple online job fairs.


By the end of 2020, 1100 of the Class have been admitted to graduate schools at home and abroad, 837 recruited to governmental institutions or state-owned enterprises, 950 offerred in public companies.


43.42% of HDUers work in the IT sector, where Huawei hired 173 graduates, Hikvision had 103, China Mobile 75, and Dahua Technology got 74.


84% of the graduates stay in Zhejiang Province, and overall 57% of the Class keep living in Hangzhou. Binjiang district (Hangzhou High-tech Zone) remains the most popular destination, where over 900 HDUers are pursuing their careers.