Software Engineering


1) The Definition and Development Goal of Discipline

The discipline of Software Engineering is an important supporting power of key university construction ofHangzhou Dianzi University, which helps to accomplish the goal of leapfrog development. On the disciplineconnotation development, discipline of software engineering make contributions in the new generation ofstrategic emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and mobile internet of things, which is animportant component of building national first-class discipline group with characteristic of electric andinformation. In the aspect of talent training, discipline of software engineering builds practice educationplatform with the model of “Discipline+ Industry+ Enterprise” as well as using information technologies toinnovate the course teaching model. In the aspect of technological innovation, discipline of softwareengineering makes great contribution in building national level smart city collaborative innovation platformand making breakthroughs in the core technologies of smart city specific software. In the aspect of societyservice, discipline of software engineering focuses in solving great key problems in Zhejiang provincialinformation economic development.

After long term construction and development, our discipline has built complete discipline system andformulated our characteristics and advantages in research. The overall research capability of us stays in theleading position of similar discipline in Zhejiang province. In the future, our discipline will make great effort inareas of software analysis and test and software service engineering, and hopefully reach the top level nationalwide. In the direction of new generation of software development technology and field software engineering,we will be the important supporting power of Zhejiang provincial information economic development. Aboveall, our long term goal is to achieve top 50% in this discipline.

2) The Advantages and Characteristics

Scientific research: According to the orientation of strategic emerging industries development

requirement, our discipline devotes great effort to the areas of theoretical and method research of softwareengineering, cloud computing and big data, software architecture, service computing and proceduremanagement. The faculty members of our discipline have been engaged in more than 100 national andprovincial level research programs as well as multiple province and minister level prizes. Tens of innovationpatents have been authorized and a set of application results have been accomplished in the areas ofe-commerce, e-government, defense and infrastructure software.

Talent cultivation: our discipline pays great attention to the students’ practical capability cultivation, andactively conducts educational innovation and reform. Our discipline has a master's degree in softwareengineering disciplines and builds many postgraduate student scientific innovation and practice base. Theoriginal software engineering college is the first one in Zhejiang provincial universities. The undergraduateprogram of software engineering is national characteristic construction program, national excellent engineereducation and training program, Zhejiang provincial key program and Zhejiang provincial university andcollege advantage program.

Social Service: our discipline has Zhejiang provincial software industrial technology innovation andservice platform and education base. Consisting on the principle of “based on Zhejiang, oriented to thecountry; innovation, application-oriented, serve local economy and promote the development withapplications”, and considering the requirement of Zhejiang provincial information economic development, ourdiscipline actively push the conversion from research results to industrial applications in the areas of smarttraffic, e-government and enterprise informationization.

3) The Goal of Talent Cultivation

The talent cultivation of our discipline consists of master degree postgraduate students and undergraduatestudent levels. In which, postgraduate level mainly cultivate software engineering composite talents withstrong professional technical capability and wide international view. The graduates are required to have strongprofessional skill and foreign language level, innovation consciousness and comprehensive academicaccomplishment, independent academic research capability or applied research and large-scale softwareengineering design, development and management capabilities. In the undergraduate level, our disciplinemainly cultivates software engineering applied talents with strong practice capability and certain innovationconsciousness. The graduates are required to have certain theoretical foundation, engineering practicecapability and comprehensive accomplishment. After graduation, they can be engaged in relative work in theareas of software design and development as well as management.  

4) Direction Design of Discipline

(1) Software analysis and testing: Facing the application requirement of trusted software development,around the theory and method of software analysis and testing, mainly study depot mining, software metrics,software defects and positioning, and legacy software reengineering, etc. By publishing a batch of high qualityacademic papers and completing a group of national level programs, we will gradually make this direction tothe dominant position in the national wide.

(2) Software service engineering: adopting the requirement of service computing, around the theory andmethods of software service and service oriented computer, mainly focus on business procedure management,workflow technology and service modeling, discovery, composition and recommendations, etc. Through widecollaboration with University of California Santa Barbara, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University,increase the academic influence of our discipline.  

(3) New generation software development techniques and methods: Following the development statusof new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, mobile internet, aroundlarge-scale high-end application software architecture and platform technology, mainly study new generationsoftware architecture technology under cloud computing environment, big data processing platform technologywhich supports big data collection, aggregation, mining and visible analysis, and novel large-scale softwarecooperative development method based on internet. Through demonstration application, make breakthroughsin common key technologies which support new generation large software development.  

(4) Field software engineering: facing the requirement of Zhejiang provincial information economicdevelopment, around field analysis, field design, field achievement and applied engineering, mainly study thecommonly used software engineering methods and technologies with characteristics of special or cross in theareas of smart public transport, Intelligent medical, electronic government, industrial manufacturing andenterprise management. Through large-scale product application, serve Zhejiang provincial software andinformation service development.

5) National and International Influence

Our discipline has relatively high national and international influence. Two of our faculty members holdthe positions of committee members of software engineering Specialized Committee and system softwareSpecialized Committee of China Computer Federation respectively. We have organized several national wideacademic conferences and have very close scientific collaboration relationship with many world classuniversities and institutes such as University of California Santa Barbara, University of Florida, SouthernMethodist University, Deakin University, Australia, and Hong Kong Baptist University. Every year, teachersare dispatched to each other for cooperative research.