Electronic Science and Technology


Hangzhou Dianzi University is one of the five Universities that receive the Grand Funds to establish Top Universities in Zhejiang Province, reputable for its excellence in the fields of Electronics and Information. In 1981, our University began to cultivate Master graduate students in Electronic Science and Technology. In 1996, our University and the former Hangzhou University jointly established a Doctoral Program in Circuits and Systems (which is a sub-discipline of Electronic Science and Technology). In 2013, our “Electronic Science and Technology” discipline has officially been qualified for granting the Doctoral Degree, and awarded the status of the Most Key Discipline in Zhejiang Province. In 2015, our “Electronic Science and Technology” discipline has officially been granted the status of the First-Class (Grade A) Discipline in Zhejiang Province.

  1. Vision and Goal of Discipline

Upon constantly and closely following the frontiers of Electronic Science and Technologyand serve the needs of National Strategic Developments, we are dedicated to perform researchand make breakthroughs on key technologies in the fields of Integrated Circuit Design and EDA, Integrated Antennas and Microwave Technology, Novel Electronic Materials, and Micro-Nano Electronic Devices. In addition, we are dedicated to develop and commercialize technologies and products for achieving major industrial applications and serving national and regional economics in areas such as RF & SoC Chips, Magnetic Materials and Magnetic Electronic Devices, Marine and Industrial Equipment Electronics, Sensing and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Technology, etc. Moreover, we are dedicated to build high-quality educational and research platforms for training,attracting and housing innovative talents, and establish a Nationwide First-Class, InternationallyRenowned Discipline with distinction and excellent sustainability.

  1. Merits and Distinctions

  1. ProvincialForerunner, Leading-Edge andcross-displiciplineResearch,GroundbreakingTechnology in China

We have an excellent research team which consists of seveal QianRen scholars, National Excellent Researchers, National Excellent Education Team, and Defence Innovation Team. In addition, we have 4 part-time Chinese Academy of Science Academician, 6 overseas researchers. We have been awarded national innovation 1st award, and have been awarded in national innovation award three times. On top of that, we have obvious leading position in ZheJiang province as we are the only university which have been qualified for granting the Doctoral Degree in “Electronic Science and Technology” in ZheJiang province.

Aimed at the great needs for integrated circuits in China and by undertaking a number of national key projects such as 973, 863, NSFC key projects, etc., we have made a series of significant contributions in millimeter-waveand terahertz integrated circuits and application-specific systems, VLSI designs, novel integrated devices, and EDA technology. We have published high-quality papers in top journals and conferences such as IEEE EDL, TMTT, TED, TCAD, TAP, etc. In addition, we made significant progresses in terahertz integrated circuit models and design technology, and developed terahertz CMOS chips whose performances are close to the best ones in the world. We developed the first single-pulse neural network (SNN) brain-inspired SoC chip which can be potentially implemented to fields like smart hardware, robot, and human-robot interface. We made key contributions in new technologies such as the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) high-performance integrated antennas, which are closely followed by over 10 domestic research teams in China.

By collaborating with the industry, we have commercialized the embedded CPU video monitoring SOC chip and the SSD control chip, and the related products break the foreign monopoly and have realized over 100 million RMB yuan revenue, in which the embedded CPU video monitoring SOC chip was awarded Zhejiang Provincial First-Class Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. This chip has been put into mass production whilst other similiar chips still in lab. In recent years, we developed and owned a series of intellectual property rights in RF & microwave integrated circuit process models and CAD technology, which have served several domestic process lines such as SMIC, CETC, Silan, etc, and been awarded province award twice.

  1. Serving National Strategic Needs, Boosting Economic Innovation and Upgrading, Excellence in Commercialization

We have spent many efforts on system and research equipment development, in these fields gained several national and province innovation award. Our marine team developed more than ten kinds of deep-sea equipment such as the first deep-sea grabber, sampling driller, visualizable sediment sampler, etc., all of which were essential for successful operations of a number of scientific research ship expedition missions such as “Ocean No. 1”, “Ocean No. 6”, “Science” for 14 consecutive years, and enhanced China’s ability and status of participation in the international seabed regional competitions. We also developed high-sensitive online automatic analyzer, which can accurately monitor variations of hydrogen and mercury vapor concentrations that are important precursor indicators for short-term and imminent earthquakes. The The online automatic analyzer has successfully monitored the earthquakes in Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, and thus been included as key instruments in the National Seismological Bureau Network.

To boost innovation and upgrading of traditional competitive industries in Zhejiang such as textiles, LED lights, electronic devices, etc., we have conducted R&D in MEMS sensors, embedded systems, field buses, distributed electronic controls, etc., which have brought us numbers of National and Provincial Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, and greatly promoted the innovation and upgrading of traditional industries. Moreover, we developed online laser gas analysis system, which now owns over 60% domestic market with performance close to the best ones in the world. The anti-EMI materials technique has been applied to industry with more than 0.4 billion RMB Yuan income. The airflow rotary-cup spinning-machine control system, which is based on electronic cleaning yarn and yarn tension control, is the first one of its kind in China and owns more than 70% market shares. The automatic battery-plate package-machine control system, which is based on the machinery vision technology, is again the first one of its kind in China and owns more than 1033608092016062016520007 80% market shares. The RFID and smart sensor based smart feeding system has been put into use in pig farms 53 of JinHua, ShaoXing, and QuZhou city where more than 0.6 million pigs being slaughtered annually.

  1. Distinction in Military Electronics, Full-Scale Qualifications in Defense Scientific Research, Outstanding Services to National Defense Industry

Since more than 30 years ago, we have been conducting R&D in military electronics for national defense industry. In recent 4 years, we have committed and participated various national defense scientific research projects such as national defense pre research projects, model projects, key projects, defense 973 projects, etc. We have full-scale qualifications for national defense scientific research project, and is the only one in Zhejiang Province who has National Defense Innovation Team, National Defense Distinction Discipline, and National Defense Key Discipline Lab.

A number of combined military and civilian technologies have been applied in weapons and equipment, and awarded National Prizes for Progress in Defense Science and Technology (including 1 Second-Class Prize and 1 Third-Class Prize). In grand defense projects, we have undertaken model projects such as realization of the integrated electronic microwave antenna feeder system. Some equipment developed in 2013 by us has been officially listed in the military equipment list and received purchasing orders of nearly 200 million RMB yuan. We have gained distinctions in the combined military and civilian technology on IC process models and its related talent trainings. Specifically, we have successfully trained many IC process model engineers, and serve and transfer the technology to more than 20 companies, including several defense process lines.

4Tightly Integration of Teaching and Research, Strong Innovative and Entrepreneurial Spirits, Top Performer in Academic Competitions

By virtue of Provincial/Ministry Key Labs such as Key Lab of the Ministry of Education of China and National Electrical and Electronic Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, we sharpen the innovative and practical abilities of the students. The students actively participate in the research projects undertaken by our faculty members, and have published papers in IEEE TMTT/EDL and presented in top technical conferences such as IMS, RFIC, CICC, ISCAS, etc. Many students have been actively involved to the scientific research ship expedition missions to sustain the developed scientific equipment.

We have achieved great successes in international annual academic competitions, and acquired 28 international competition prizes. In the domestic electronic competitions, our students are forerunners among the students from many domestic universities. For examples, our students won 3 First-Class Prizes from the 2015 National Electronic Design Competition for Graduate Students, and a Gold Medal from the National Entrepreneurial Competition for University Student. Our students also won 9 First-Class Prizes and 8 Second-Class Prizes from the 2015 National Electronic Design Competition of Undergraduate Students, ranking 4 among all the Universities in China. Moreover, our students acquired 6 Grand Prizes and 20 First-Class Prizes from the National Intelligent Vehicle Design Competition of University Students.

A great number of undergraduate and postgraduate students with strong innovation abilities have been trained. Many of them are recruited by Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua Tech, and other IT top enterprises in China, while more and more of them startup their own businesses. We also acquired 2 National Second-Class Prizes for Teaching Achievements and numbers of provincial teaching awards.

  1. Educational Goal

We are dedicated to cultivate high-quality multiple-skills innovative and entrepreneurial talents with solid basic theories, comprehensive major knowledge and mastering of the related knowledge in electronic, computer and automatic-control sciences, who can engage in academic research, scientific and technical innovation, engineering and technology development, etc. in the fields of Electronics and Information such as Physical Electronics, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Circuits and Systems, Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics, etc.

  1. Directions of

We have formed 5 focused and distinctive major directions: Integrated Circuits and Systems, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Electronic Materials and Devices, Marine and Industrial Equipment Electronics, and Magnetic Electronics and Optoelectronic Measurements. Our research fields are of multiple levels, including Electronic Devices, Integrated Circuits, and Electronic Systems Integration and Applications. These fields rely on and support each other, and closely follow National and Zhejiang Provincial medium- and long- term roadmaps of Science and Technology as well as Economic Development Needs

  1. Domestic and International Influences

Our discipline is the only electronic related disciplines in ZheJiang province who have been qualified for granting the Doctoral Degree in “Electronic Science and Technology” and “The Most Key Discipline”. Many key faculty members have served on international and domestic professional organizations or institutions and leading academic journals. We initiated, established and chaired the IEEE Electron Device (ED) and Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT) Hangzhou Chapters. As the Chair of the East China Organization Committee of National Electronic Design Competition for Graduate Students, we have sponsored and hosted this National Competition in the East China region for 4 consecutive years. We also sponsored and hosted 12 international technical conferences. Among them, the ICCT International Conference attracted attendances of more than 10 IEEE Fellows and the China-Ireland ICT Symposium has been held for many times. Our faculty members and students presented papers in international conferences for more than 100 times including more than 10 invited talks. Many famous foreign scholars, including Professor Chenming Hu (the inventor of FinFET), have visited and given lectures in our school for more than 50 times.

We are very active in foreign cooperation and exchanges, and conduct research cooperation and jointly educate students with renowned foreign universities and institutes. For examples, we have a tight collaboration with Lille 1st University in France on NSFC International Cooperation Project. We also jointly train the Doctoral students with Ireland Dublin City University, and established China-Ireland Research Institute of Information Technology. We have established a joint research center with the academician of Belarusian Academy of Science, Professor Labunov Vladimir’s research team to actively participate in the national strategy of “One Belt and One Road”. In USA, we have setup a R&D center of Solid-State Drive Technology at Silicon Valley.