Sino-Russia Joint Institute


The friendship between HDU and ITMO started in 2012.

ITMO delegation visited HDU in April, 2013, which initiated the cooperation between the two universities.

In April 2014, Prof. Bessmertny and Dr. Chepinsky visited HDU again and gave a lecture.

 In October the same year, HDU delegation visited ITMO.

ITMO delegation visited HDU in March and April 2015 to work with HDU colleagues.

Vice President of ITMO visited HDU in May 2015, and signed the updated MOU.

The HDU-ITMO Joint Laboratory on Control for Cyber-Physics System was unveiled in 2016, and researchers on both sides collaborated on 25 SCI papers.

HDU delegation visited ITMO and the Agreement for Sino-foreign Cooperative Education programs were signed in 2017.

In 2018, the HDU-ITMO Joint Institute was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Altogether 431 HDU students visited ITMO from 2016 to 2020.